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Value Analysis


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By preventing the transfer of soiled linens between surfaces during and after patient transfers, MUV™ ELITE helps hospitals meet CDC Isolation Practice Standards for handling, transporting, and processing soiled linens.

Moving patients from the operating table to recovery has never been cleaner.

MP Pads are protected in the  MUV ELITE housing throughout the transfer, providing a clean, absorbent surface for the patient EVERY TIME.


National statistics reflect a growing concern over the financial burden of staff injuries in a hospital setting:

The MUV™  advantage

According to the American Nurses Association: 


56% of nurses report shoulder, back, neck or arm pain at work.


20% of nurses said they changed their employment setting due to back pain.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: 


13.3: average number of missed work days by healthcare workers due to overexertion in lifting/lowering patients.


According to the Journal of Nursing Management: 


Estimated cost of nurse turnover: $27,000-103,000.

90% patient weight reduction during transfer with MUV™
80% of low back torque eliminated with MUV™
In a comparison of 5 patient transfer devices, MUV™ "offered minimal requirement for rolling and/or positioning patients after transfer."
As cited in a peer-reviewed study "Saving Your Back" Nursing, Jan. 2016


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MUV™ MP Pads meet multiple AORN practice standards and CDC guidelines for patient handling and moisture management.  

The patient and MUV™ MP Pad travel together to recovery.

  • No soiled, wrinkled linens traveling with patients 

  • No dragging patients over dirty linens

  • No re-positioning patients or removing linens after transfer







MUV™ MP Pad Wick+Lock technology traps and absorbs over 3 Liters of fluid on contact, keeping the patient clean & dry.


How does the MUV ELITE save money:

Cases per Month x Minutes Saved per Case =

Minutes Saved per Month

Example 1:
MUV ELITE vs. Traditional Air Product
Based on a hospital with a case load of 1,000 cases per month, the hospital would save 1530 minutes per month using the MUV™ ELITE compared to using an air product. 

1,000 (cases per month) x 92 seconds saved (1.53 minutes) = 1530 minutes saved per month. 

Example 2: 
MUV ELITE  vs. Roller Board

Based on a hospital with a yearly case load of 1,000 cases per month, the hospital would save 450 minutes per month using the MUV™ ELITE compared to using a roller board.

1,000 (cases per month) x 27 seconds saved (.45 minutes) = 450 minutes saved per month. 

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